GoldenEra, 2022 – ★★★½

Not a whole lot to say on this one honestly, what we have here is a very fond, nostalgic look at the N64 game ‘Goldeneye’ its influence on the world of FPS games and the company behind it ‘Rare’.

I’m quite fond of these more emotive style documentaries and it was nice to hear both from the creators of the game about some of the decisions that went into making it what it was, while having that nice contrast of affectionate memories from people who grew up playing it. While also explaining what happened to ‘rare’ and how the game influenced its creators in their own endeavours

It’s really decently put together, it feels thorough. The only criticism I have really is, clocking in at just shy of an hour and 45 minutes, it’s a bit long. It’s pacy so the time does fly. But I feel 10 minutes could have easily been taken off this thing and it would have been stronger for it.

Otherwise this is a solid and fun doc and as someone who also grew up with ‘Goldeneye’ I found it a charming retrospective.


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