Die Hard Dracula, 1998 – ★★★½

I’ll be posting a longer form review for this one later in the year. But in short. This is one of the most tonally unusual, demented and ‘all over the place’ quality wise movies that i’ve sat through in a long LONG time.

I’ve never encountered a movie that, in one scene can look like a fairly competent softcore feature, and in the next look like the guy who made it didnt even know which way to point the camera.

Some fantastic moments hindered by a feeling of it being a bit overlong and I still havent quite decided if the constant repetition is super annoying, or one of the funniest thing’s i’ve ever seen.

Dracula vs anyone should NOT feel like two neighbours having a spat about what day is ‘bin collection’ day. and yet…here we are.

This would pair up ASTOUNDINGLY with ‘Franky and his Pals’…go double feature this and that with a bowl of nachos and forget the world exists. In that sense. I recommend this.

source https://letterboxd.com/tytdreviews/film/die-hard-dracula/

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