2 thoughts on “After some very minor editing a “fixed” version of today’s review should be up very shortly. Once again apologies for the delay – Dan #smallyoutuberarmy #smallyoutuber #wtfu #copyright #uploading #youtubelife

  1. Ah man, this is always a pisser when it happens. Eagerly clicked on the link in my subs only to find that some random production company had crossly taken their ball home.


    1. Oh totally! theres nothing better than getting a “You’re videos been removed because our bots have decided 3 seconds of your video belongs to someone else” email at 10 in the morning…really gets the blood pumping! More often than not I can usually get issues like this sorted within a few hours, it’s generally a mistake on there part… there’ve only been 3 reviews on my channel that have dug there heels in “The Stuff”, “Cyborg Cop” and this movie…and this movie’s the only one where the company claiming the copyright has put a worldwide block on it. usually they just try and claim the monetization…Still! I’ve removed the visuals that they contested so the version thats up on this site and my channel now should be working again!


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