Hi guys! Sorry the posts have been a bit slow recently! I’ve been working hard in the cutting room on the new season and I thought I’d give you a bit of an update! As of right now 5 episodes out of 17 have been completed 4 out of 17 are “works in progress” and 16 of 17 are now written :) I’m hoping to get to episode 9 completed by the end of the week and it’s looking now like the new season will go live on the 6th of March! Heres a snap of my latest edit ;) #mutantfam #bts #smallyoutubers #smallyoutuberarmy #behindthescenes #youtube #youtuber #editor #tytd #workinprogress #editing #smallyoutuber

via Instagram https://ift.tt/3bKEauF

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