Earth Alien (Endangered Species) (2002)

So once again we take a deep dive into my pile of cheap 50p -£1 finds that i’ve pulled out of Charity shops, discount stores and 2nd hand film shops. Earth Alien (Known in the US as “Endangered Species”) is ultimately; a film that exists. thats about as good as it gets. it’s definitley not the best movie in the world, but it’s not bad enough to be infamous. Eric Roberts is phoning it in and doesnt really give much to the role. The whole thing is kind of pass over-ey.

and y’know what? thats fine. you cant be lucky every time and this season I managed to get a definite line of winners while hunting about, so it’s okay that this movie wasnt the best in the world. that it’s pretty unmemorable and that ultimately I dont really care about it all that much. the important thing is that i’ve seen it and I can warn other people that it’s pretty “Meh”

In the past some people who’ve seen my reviews wonder why I bother to cover the “Meh” films. and thats a fair ask, if I dont really dig it, other people arnt really bothered and the film doesnt really deserve the coverage; why bother? I think about this sometimes. But the best answer I can give is that “THE PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW!” the people need to know of mediocrity. I’d rather save someone 90 minutes by explaining in 20 minutes why a movie isnt worth bothering with. they can then use the remaining 70 minutes to…I dunno. Watch “Nutbag” or something.

Anyway. Earth Alien isn’t unwatchable…but if you have it on your “To Watch” pile. maybe knock it down a few spaces…it’s just kind of…eh.

This is a fine example of: “POSTER DOES NOT MATCH FILM”

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