Judy, 2014 – ★★½

A fun enough little short that’s available on youtube and the Scream factory bluray release of ‘Sleepaway Camp’ the film follows Judy as she takes on a border vigilante role, taking revenge on a deadbeat abusive father and his mistress who are making a lot of people’s lives hell.

There’s not a whole lot to say on this one, despite being made in 2014 it looks like something that would have come from the mid 2000s, it’s low/no budget, not the best shot in the world and its connections to ‘Sleepaway Camp’ are tenuous at best (barring the return of the actress who played Judy in the first film) But its tonally in line with the original and isn’t offensively bad.

It’s not great, but it’s STILL better than ‘Return to Sleepaway Camp’ in my opinion, and if you take it at face value for what it is (I.E a bit of a mess around fun little short film and a chance to get more Judy on screen) then I’m sure you’ll have an okay time with this one.

source https://letterboxd.com/tytdreviews/film/judy-2014-1/

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