Liquid A$$ets, 1982 – ★★

I dont know if I just wasnt in the right headspace for this movie or what, but I just…didnt really get anything out of it. The bulk of the film is around a group rehersing a play for some kind of grand opening, theres a thriller element that comes in late at the end. The films top heavy on Oral and the sex scenes dont really do anything out of the ordinary on the direction or cine standfront. I didnt need to see Ron Jeremy have sex with a blow up doll, while commenting on the aesthetics of the blow up doll.

All in all, This was just a fairly standard erotic flick to me. It isnt the worst the 80s had to offer, in fact i’d say it was maybe a little above average for early 80’s adult features. But the direction is kind of flat and textbook, the cine was a little drab and uninspired, there wasnt much cast direction seemingly and other than a couple of zany moments, this film just kind of came across as a bit ‘mid’ to me.


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