A Boy and his Buzzard (Charlie and the talking Buzzard) – (1979)

It was the cover that pretty much sold me on this one. As soon as I pulled it out of that box of tapes I knew immediately that I wanted to get to this film as soon as possible. and thus I fell victim to judging a tape by its cover. This film is terrible. absolutely terrible. it’s long winded, short on plot and point and purpose. it only exists as a means of killing time and quite frankly the only reason I still hold it in my tape collection is simply because I cant find anyone else out there who has a copy of this. they may have it under a different name or with a different box art but apart from a low res ebay listing of the cover from a few years ago this is the only copy of this film that I can find.

Since editing this video i’ve also not been able to find a sausage of information in regards to Silver Screen Promotions. as far as I can tell this is their one and only video release. So if you are australian or you know of other Silver screen releases please do get in touch (If you have photos even better!) as I’d love to know what on earth this company were thinking when they decided that this would be a good film to shove out on tape to the masses.

Absolute rot.


(That cover is pretty cool though…though if perspective is to be believed that Buzzards bloody huge!)


Also! because I know you want this and because as I mentioned there is no record of this VHS cover in high quality please find a ultra high res scan of the cover that I made for this videos thumbnail and enjoy it in all it’s…weird glory?

Boy and his Buzzard

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