Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3 (1993)

Well! I thought it best to round off the trilogy before the year was out having covered TMNT 1 and TMNT 2 It seemed only natural that the 3rd one be the closer!

I have had so many discussions about this movie since I posted my review for it and what surprised me is given the tidal wave of hate that this film gets its actually quite interesting to see how many people actually got in touch to tell me that they loved this movie or at least that it had it’s own unique charm and vibe to it.

I’ll be honest, to me it’s hardly the best film ever made. but it has a style unto itself and quite honestly I found it enjoyable. I mean…after this the whole franchise goes down the toilet for a few years…but as far as last Hurrahs go they could have ended things much MUCH worse…

(Arguably one of the more surreal film posters when taken out of context as well…)

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