Trick R Treat (2007)

Well Halloween has finally drawn to a close and with it I though it would only be right to cover the most halloweeny halloween film to ever hall-o-ween. Trick r Treat is to Halloween what “A Christmas Carol” is to Christmas, it just feels like it belongs as part of the season. it may not be the greatest movie ever made but theres something fundamentally enjoyable about it and with a thick streak of black comedy that isnt totally in your face running right through the middle of it I thought it was the perfect finale to my Halloween themed month!

I’ll let the review do the talking on this one because I pretty much say everything I need to say about this in the video below. What I will say as an aside is that some of you (Not many, but some!) will have managed to catch a fleeting glimpse of this years TYTD Horrorthon broadcast live on the same day that this episode went out. you will also note that there were multiple technical and visual flaws throughout the 2 and a half(ish) hour broadcast. theres a lasagne’s worth of reasons why this ended up being the way it is (And good grief the way my life is right now I cant wait till im on an even keal and I can actually tell you whats happening right now)

but the long and short of it is that 2 or 3 personal reasons kept me busy right up till the 11th hour meaning that I hadnt had chance to do a dry run of the final edit, and then to complicate matters further about 2 hours before we were set to go live my computer died. It’s working perfectly fine now…but the one time I needed it, it was just like…”DONE!” So what went out was a test edit literally live streamed out of the editing software on my scriptwriting laptop. as a result 2 and a half hours in my laptop overheated and died as well…and wouldnt come back for about an hour…at which point it was rapidly approaching 2am and I needed to be up at 10am to travel over 120 miles to a small cottage for a 4 day vacation…so I gave up. I will still post a highlights reel of it some day…but I’ve already gone on too much here…enjoy Trick r Treat…it’s a good’un

(That Bluray artwork is SO much better than the original DVD artwork…the DVD artwork for this release screams “Poundland” so hard it’s not even funny…it greatly undersells the film…thank god someone saw sense and gave it an upgrade)

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